Mad Magazine - Funny or not?


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I think it is. However, it it's a lot more biased (toward the left) than it used to be. Anyway, even though I disagree with a political opinon, however, doesn't mean I'm not laughing! You know like seeing Trump's press secretary (Huckabee) as a pole dancer in his strip club. :mad:


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I read a mad magazine before. It's cool.
It's always viscous in it's attacks - thru the whole thing, not like Saturday Night Live. SNL has gotten too soft - with the exception of some anti-Trump stuff in the last few years.


Mar 17, 2010
Humour is very much subjective.

I haven't read any Mad Magazine though so I don't know whether it's funny for me or not. I don't even know if they're sold around here... (Not that I've ever looked. Been a long time since I ventured into a place that sells a wider selection of magazines than the usual grocery store fare of whatever celeb news nonsense/fad diets/workout tips/sex tips/ etc... type stuff they usually sell.)