Mainstream Music - Good or bad?


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Some say you have to be a rebel to make good music, But then again, music is highly subjective. People like what they like - and enough people like mainstream music to say "So what?".

O.K. a lot of criticism has been layed at modern country music - especially since it claims to be country - when really it's country-pop or country-rock.

Of course, it was the Eagles who were the Godfathers of Country-Rock/Country-Pop:

To Eagles haters, guitarist-singer-songwriter Don Henley and drummer-singer-songwriter Glenn Frey are the bad guys. They’re cynical opportunists who rendered country-rock sterile, lifeless, and commercial. They’re supposed to have stolen its soul by diligently removing all that makes country music country: pain, vulnerability, rage, defiance, humor, heartbreak, and the like. Something irreplaceable and essential was lost in the journey from the honky-tonk to the amphitheater.