Make-A-Wish America (March 2019)


May 11, 2010
Nashville, TN
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Make-A-Wish America
Tens of thousands of volunteers, donors and supporters advance the Make-A-Wish® vision to grant the wish of every child diagnosed with a critical illness. In the United States and its territories, on average, a wish is granted every 34 minutes. We believe a wish experience can be a game-changer. This one belief guides us and inspires us to grant wishes that change the lives of the kids we serve.
After going through the nominations process, having an initial poll, and then having a tiebreaker poll after that, we've finally reached a verdict on our March 2019 charity. Make-A-Wish America is our featured charity this month, so please don't hesitate to make a donation to this awesome cause.

How does it work?
  • 1,000 FP$ = $2 donation to this very important cause. You can donate as much as you like. Just keep it in increments of 1,000 FP$.
  • Send all of your FP$ donations to @Cameron Taylor.
  • Donations will be accepted for this particular charity all throughout the rest of this month, with March 31st being the final day that we will accept FP$ donations for this cause.
  • At the end of the month, I will go through and total all of the FP$ donations that are made, and a lump sum of these donations will be sent to this charity on April 1st.
  • We will have a sticky topic where we record all of the different FP$ donations that take place, and proof of payment to this fantastic charity will be shared as well. This allows us to keep track of the change FP is making around the world with this offer.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. As always, thank you for your continued support of Forum Promotion.

Cameron Taylor