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Nov 8, 2017
Site Name: Marked
Type: forum - some mature content but nothing extreme
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MARKED, an original fantasy

Marked is an intermediate play by post rpg site. What that means is this is a community of role players who participate via writing the characters they create in a collaborative setting. We have no word counts or restrictions of that nature but we call ourselves intermediate because we value good content. The site does play host to some mature or even controversial themes so please remember this is fictional and we are all adults (17+ age restriction). There are forums made specifically for role playing in an original world created for this site.

We draw a lot of inspiration from many ideas and themes. Marked is based in an original world called Elesya and the setting is largely medieval, but with a flare. Magical and modern influences are very present in some areas. In one thread you would be having a sword fight with a thief in the night, another riding a train through the city of Lymoria. Or even sailing the seas as a daring pirate. So basically when you think "Marked" you think...

  • Swords, Pirates, Kings and Queens, Magic, Steam punk, Bandits, Medieval, Wild, Political Intrigue, Knights and Guards, Balls (like the fancy kind you dress your best for), Quests, Guilds, Beasts, Dragons, Faeries, Elves, Magic Ban
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