New Arrival

The Experiment

This thread is an experiment testing a somewhat "paranormal" effect observed by Art Bell. When a large number of people simultaneously concentrate on a single event happening (such as the weather changing, etc.), it has been known to mysteriously come true, as though the collective concentration of a large enough number of minds can actually manipulate time/space at will.

As far-fetched as this concept may seem, this experiment intends to simply try this alleged effect out through the participation of LOADED PARANORMAL's large and helpful network and community. If you would like to participate, all you need to do is concentrate on the specified event (which will be posted below), at the appropriate time.

Personally, I'm optimistic. If early experiments are successful, we will be able to attempt more and more ambitious experiments, as more and more people will most likely participate. If unsuccessful, then no harm is done and only a few minutes time is wasted on your part.

The Time

The scheduled time for "the experiment" is currently Saturday, April 5th, 2008, at 12:00 AM (EST). For a time-zone independent countdown, scroll to the bottom of page.

Experiment Countdown

At the exact time, everyone who wants to participate is suggested to concentrate on the chosen event (below) happening. Don't worry about how long it has to be - just think about it for as long as you want and you're done.

The Event

The Chinese goverments' complete withdrawal from any further harrassment, occupation and/or conflict with the Tibetan Monks which has resulted in violence and bloodshed there.
The reason this EVENT has been selected as opposed to a SIGNAL from any existing ALIEN LIFE is because I subscribe to the theory that drastic changes are needed on earth for the benfit of all humanity. In short if we are unable to to use our latent mental energies to help our own kind, then what use are we to those not of our kind ?

Realtime Results Display

You can view this interactive experiment while concentrating on the EVENT in realtime by going to the Princeton Global Consciousness Project. The purpose of this project is to examine subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. They have learned that when millions of us share intentions and emotions the GCP/EGG network shows correlations. This can be interpreted as evidence for participation in a growing global consciousness. It also suggests we have the capability and responsibility for conscious evolution.

To interactively view the results in realtime simply click the link above. Once you've reached the home page, scroll down to the grey AESTHETIC VIEW column (the right side column).

Next, find the link that say's "THE REALTIME DISPLAY".
A new page should open, and shortly thereafter a java applet will load. You should begin to hear a human heartbeat and see 3 rows of numbered columns. These columns represent random numbers generated by computers globally connected to the network which monitors subtle and major changes.

You should see blocks turning red and growing larger as random numbers seem to become less random due to collective thought. You will hear bells, when they peak and gongs when it is very significant.
In short the more bells and gongs the better. It indicates that the experiment is working.

Its important to note that this project spiked massively shortly before 9/11, as if anticipating a major event.

Future Experiments

If you have any suggestions for future MASS CONSCIOUSNESS EXPERIMENTS by LOADED PARANORMAL then feel free to come on by the site and register as a member with us. Simply click the hyperlink and submit any suggested future experiment event ideas you may have.

Contact Us

To contact us with any questions regarding this or future event experiments feel free to e-mail me here at: