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As I expressed in my intro and such I was in a market place forum that had the similar underlying situations and they outright "rejected" my reporting without caring to assists me with them. :(

Therefore I was concerned about one of the similar matter occurring here, @Lämmchen had understood something wasn't right and took it up with their own devices to assist me with one of my reportings and made sure I was able to understand moving forward on similar matters. :heart:

Instead of leaving me to be concerned about something that only because I misunderstood what I read and believed were regarding such matters.

That's not only professionalism but someone who cared to go out of their ways to make sure I am able to feels comfortable remaining here. :heart:


This is Water
@Lämmchen has secretly been my favorite staff member ever since we got her on board as a CTM.

She’s a joy, and and I think she is perfectly representing the whole concept of the “Community Team.” She’s not just a moderator. You see her doing Forum Spotlight, The Official Exchange, and so many other things. She does so much for this community. I’ll rate her an 11/10 on awesomeness.