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Do you remember the days back before the Internet was corporate, bland, and generally uninspiring? Do you long to join a small community but realize that there really aren't any that suit your needs? Are you interested in nostalgia, classic technology, or classic gaming? Do you just want to make some friends?

I highly encourage you to check out MeowsePad Community! We have a forum, a Discord community, a YouTube community, a Twitch community, and more! We are a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy an eclectic variety of interests and activities. No matter what you like, you will find something to interest you in our community. We are open-minded and friendly, so don't be afraid to join us. If we're missing something that you love, feel free to let us know! We may not be the biggest or flashiest community out there, but I guarantee that you will not find a friendlier community on the Internet!

Check us out using the links below!







Have a wonderful day! :)
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I'm getting this error:

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I'm getting the same error as Gio.
Yep, no idea when he will get it back. But as always! We are aware and working on it.