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Discussion in 'Community Matters' started by Azareal, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Azareal

    Azareal Paragon

    This might not necessarily be accepted, but I think it could make for some useful discussion.
    I would like to propose a minimum post count requirement before a site can be submitted to the promotion directories.

    Users from time to time appear to create relatively low quality, low effort sites and quickly cross-post their site across several different promotion forums without any real effort or time investment involved. While FP utilises rel=nofollow to avoid leaking any real pagerank, it still distracts from users who have made even the smallest contributions.

    There are several parts to this proposal, a subset of this proposal may be accepted, debated without necessarily having to accept all of it, if any of it at all:
    • Absolute minimum post count. A minimum post count a user on Forum Promotion (not the post count of their site, although that would be a logical extension of this proposal) must have before they can submit their site to the promotion directories. The exact threshold is debatable, but it could range from 5 to 15 posts.
    • Recent post count. This is slightly more controversial and I expect that it will likely get shot down immediately, but users could be required to produce a certain number of posts in a certain timeframe to retain visibility of their promotion topic. Possible numbers could include 1 post per month or every three months.
    • Temporarily archiving. Topics for users who fall out of the recent post count criteria could be archived in a spot inaccessible to them until they do fulfil the criteria once more, so the topic will keep relevant information and discussion from previous incarnations.
    • Exemptions. Users with a long track record of activity could be exempt from these criteria, unless they stop posting for really long durations like a couple of years or even a year.
  2. edenwax

    edenwax Review Team Member

    While I agree with this, I'm worried that it would create more low quality posts. What is stopping a user from making a bunch of super low quality posts in order to reach the necessary post counts so they can promote their site?

    If there was a way to log higher quality posts (based on factors like word count, links, quotes, user tags etc) and require a minimum of those posts, maybe this would work.
  3. MrDangem

    MrDangem Up-and-Coming Sensation

    If the requirement post is 10 or lower, Then we can easily check and track if their posts are of low quality.
    If so then we will give them another chance to posts with quality posts and if they didn't pass we'll just disapprove their submission.
  4. Empire

    Empire Valued Contributor Valued Contributor

    Or how postloop does it, you join and gotta make 10 posts on there board! each posts then gets approved with and score! if they get an high score of 5 then they pass, if they go below then they don't get an pass
  5. Azareal

    Azareal Paragon

    3 - 5 is probably alright, if they're high quality posts in an on-topic area. Not Community Matters or Intellectual Talk or Introductions, but maybe one of the ones geared to SEO, Sites, etc.

    You probably also want to make sure you don't set the quality standards too high, as people come from a variety of ages, backgrounds, languages, etc. otherwise that could cause issues.
  6. Dagex

    Dagex Resident

    I like the idea of this 'Minimum Post Count'. Even though there isn't a lot of Promotion Directory Spam, it could prove useful. It will also let Users take the time to build up their Reputation in FP and settle them down. It will also give Users a chance to make content for their own Forum.

    But I'm thinking a Minimum Post Count between 30 - 50.
  7. Web2019

    Web2019 Reputable

    5 is a good number and 48 hours old account to get added functions.
  8. Jerlene

    Jerlene Collecting FP$ Administrator

    Are you proposing a minimum post requirement for replies to existing topics, or just creating new topics? The Promotion Directory already requires 5 posts in order to create a thread.
    The Promotion Directory also already has a 2 week rule in place for topics to stay open. We've been lenient on this rule due to the lack of overall activity in those sections. Once activity has significantly increased, we will begin to enforce that rule.
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