Monthly Community Billboards Raffle - Updated September 8, 2019

Joshua Farrell

Nov 9, 2009
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Community Billboards Raffle
Auction Closes Monthly, at the end of each Month, at 11 P.M. (EST)

In this auction, you are purchasing a raffle ticket for the opportunity to have your text link advertised on Forum Promotion's forum index in the "Community Billboards" advertising space for 1 month after the end of each monthly raffle, for the length of the following month. Valid Tickets to this raffle, will be picked from fully configured Shop Purchases, through the Forum Promotion Shop. The Winning Draw (The Winner), will be picked randomly at, from valid purchases each month.

Please review the following rules prior to purchasing your raffle ticket.

Raffle Rules:
  • Mandatory Ticket Purchase Through the User Shop - In order to participate in this raffle, you are required to purchase your raffle ticket, in the usershop linked here ( Once you purchase the ticket, you have 3 months to configure it, for it to be valid in the month that you fill out all of the fields in the purchased item. Tickets are then only considered valid for that current month's raffle.
  • *UPDATED* Mandatory Information upon configuration - After your ticket purchase and activation, you are asked to supply the link, screenshot, a title and text in your purchase. That way, if you win, we can add your purchase instantly.
  • *NEW* Unlimited Entries Per Raffle - In this raffle, you can purchase up to as many tickets towards this month's raffle, that you have funding for. Once your purchased ticket(s) have been configured, it will be valid for that month only; meaning, you cannot purchase and configure it in one month, and expect to be able to use it for the next month.
  • End of Auction - Only ticket purchases configured before the end of the current month's closing time will count. Those who purchase their tickets and configure it before then, will be considered valid for the current month's raffle.

Bidding Form Information
After your purchase, you will find the following form that you need to fill out, through the configuration button, in the "Active Purchases" section of the Inventory page (
Your purchase will not be valid for the current months' draw, unless the following is filled in on the purchased item, through the configuration button.
Link Title:
Link Description:

Raffle Ticket Cost: Fifty (50) FP$
Monthly Entries Close on: Last Day of Each Month, at 11 P.M. (EST)
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