MrDangem Logo - Please Critique


Community Team
Feb 10, 2019
It's very solid looking! Is there a way you could make the R to look more pronounced...maybe shift it a hair to the left so there is a bit more black showing by the curve and the leg of the R and the rounded part isn't so flat? That's probably the only thing that bothers me when looking at it on your blog site.


Up-and-Coming Sensation
The idea is not bad, but there are few issues with it:

1. the border-radius on the R is too small (chunky) as compared to the inside semicircle (in a normal R, you can see the entire ) letter has the same width and roundness.

2. The M's right vertical line |, the one that's common to the R is a little wider than the left one, looking askewed.

3. I'd also evenly space the DANGEM, it's crammed into the middle.