Murder he Wrote Resigns

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Madly Diligent
Hello FP Community,

Murder he Wrote has decided to step down as a Forum Promotion administrator. The reason for Murder he Wrote deciding to resign is because he would like to spend more time on personal projects that are offline. Murder he Wrote has been a great servant to FP and has been with us in good times, bad times and when we have hit major milestones. Many of you may remember him as being an administrator but he has also been a Team Leader for the graphics forum and the community team. I am very dissapointed that he is leaving but I respect his decision and hope he does really well in his projects offline. He will not be completely gone, he will still be helping FP but in different ways. I would like to thank him for all the work and effort he has put into FP!

Thank you,

Lee Lawson

Seasoned Veteran
Mar 23, 2009
UK, Scotland

You were great, you brought so much great stuff to!
You done so well here, hope to chat to you again *tear in my eye*.

MHW - Clearly the greatest!

Good luck in the future man, And best off luck with your offline projects.

I bow down and worship you! Also rep as it means nothing but you done a great job here!!!

Cyaaa, x[x[x[
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