Selling MyBB Forum Setup Services (themes, plugins, and basic security included!)


Oct 29, 2018
Let's keep things short and get straight to business. I have at least 6 years of experience with MyBB forum software. It's lightweight, flexible, and lots of contributing developers. I want to offer a basic MyBB installation service for your convenience - because sometimes installing forum software can be tough.

What's included with this package? ...
  • A full installation of MyBB on your server (with LetsEncrypt + HTTPS if your server permits)
  • A change in your admin login page link (for better security)
  • Basic website optimization through settings changes and compressing some of your code. In other words, I'll make your site faster than it would be by default
  • A full installation of your favorite MyBB theme
  • A full installation of 6x plugins of your choice
  • Creation of up to 3 categories and 15 forums - all with descriptions
Package Cost: $20 (PayPal)

If you need some help with a MyBB installation, send me a message here on the forums and we can exchange Discord for faster communication.