Naiwen seeking Employment on Xenforo Communities!


Madly Diligent
Jun 28, 2010
Hello everyone here’s my resume : I’ve been admin or global moderator for 19 years this year. I have my own blog and forum : and a personal blog on Tumblr. I’m seeking strictly to be staff on Xenforo communities or IPB ones. Paid forum software only because I have knowledge with coding, web management, programming and graphics design for 19 years currently in life. I’m on disability for life and thence why I have amply enough time on my hands to spare daily for helping manage your forum. I have my own Xenforo forum and the logo and styles I’ve made all by myself from scratch. Forum niche I’m interested in : gaming, anime/manga, general entertainment and general chat community on hobbies and interests. Thank you for reading me, guys. Please PM me for any opportunities, thank you, all.
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