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Madly Diligent
Jun 28, 2010
Which position(s) you would like : community moderator or admin
Skills that will help you perform your position : I’ve worked with various softwares’ mcp before even admin cp, been managing forums for others for 19 years this year.
Previous experience germane to the position : current experience : “The Avengers Project” and “Simply Games Cafe” both administrator.
Why you want to be on our staff : because I’d love to help others out and it’ll be an outlet for my spare time to kill and also a venue for my health issues. I wanna help myself feel better about my life and others run their sites smoothly at the same time.
When and how often you are generally available to dedicate time to the community : daily an hour or 2. Have nothing better to do than to chill on message boards since I’m on disability and have all the time on my hands to be available for your community.
The best way to contact you outside the forum if necessary : discord, fb or email.
Forums looking for : general or entertainment message boards only.
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