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Joshua Farrell

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Posting Custom Topic and/or Reply Amounts
Need some extra topics or replies? Expect an avatar and a minimum of 25 words (more, depending on forum subject) per topic or reply.
Cost: 10 FP per Reply; 25 FP per Topic. Custom package amounts available per request. Very specific niches or 75-500 or more replies or topics, expect a delay in completion.
Payment: Upfront for small orders. Larger orders can be split up into two payments, if desired amount of topics or replies need time to complete.
Time to Complete: For Packages that are 50 or smaller, expect time to complete to be between 1-5 days, based on genre of forum.
For tougher genres or package sizes that are much larger, expect completion to potentially take longer than expected.
Extra: If you want your packages to be spread out across a specific time period, feel free to specify in your request.
Bulk Pricing on 500 or more replies and/or topics, is available upon request.

Posting Packages
Need some extra topics or replies? The packages located at this thread, have the following conversion rates for the package prices.
USD and FP$ Conversion Pricing
Per Reply Cost: $0.10 USD = 10 FP
Per Topic Cost: $0.25 USD = 25 FP

So if the package costs $5.00 USD for the base rate, it is 500 FP.

The quick completion price conversion amount is: $1.00 USD = 100 FP.


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Package Team
@Joshua Farrell Is this still available?

Hi! I would like to order:
Premium Reply Package
: 150 Replies
Standard Delivery Time: 10-15 Days
Cost: $15.00 USD.

I have 1,500FP$ instead. I would like it to be spread out over a month please. There are many topics started already even in the General Sections, as well as Get To Know You question of the day, Special Occasions (Day of), etc.
Let me know via here or in PM. Thank you :)
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