Free Need Mods on Forum


Familiar Face

I'm looking for 4 kinds of mods.
0/1 Writing mod(s)
0/1 graphics mod(s)
0/1 Challenge mod(s)
0/1 Roleplay mod(s)

Graphic mods
are required to help with site graphics and look over the graphic area
Writing mods are required to help with writing area, and over check the admin's site info.(yea...)
Challenge mods are required to post challenges for all members and help with the 100 theme challenge area.
Role-play Mods are requested to check over the RP areas and run the main RP. (which is WIP at this point.)

other: all staff are requested to help with Events and the site over all. And to be friendly.

Note: My forum is a mixed forum that is dark, mythical theme that allows members to get themselves out of RL. So yea but we are a kid-freely forum!