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Devious Tyrant

I've posted about my blog elsewhere on this forum and I know there are others who have blogs too. There are tens of millions of blogs in the world. There are vast numbers of blogs about blogging too. My idea was for a forum for bloggers.

Some suggestions:

1) blog directory - where people can list their blogs
2) theme directory - download themes for use
3) tutorials - how to install Wordpress etc
4) exchanges - guest blogs, comments, etc

Two questions:

1) can you think of anything I’ve missed?
2) would you - as a blogger or something thinking about blogging be interested in such a forum?

...and when I say new...
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Good, Idea. I read a lot, I write a lot recently. Most of my websites and forum depend on writing. So this is something I can consider.

Just a quick one. The first Google Ad placement doesn't do justice to the overall cute look of the forum. Check it out. It pushes the main board down.