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New General Discussion forum 😲


Up-and-Coming Sensation
Good luck with this general discussion forum.
I like your logo :)
Thanks! :)
Very nice forum. Interesting boards, beautiful theme. The only thing that repels me is Politics. Things get really ugly on that topic.
Thank you! And yes, political discussions can get really sour but hopefully most people can be adults about it - and if not, there is always moderators. ;)


Up-and-Coming Sensation
I wish you the best of luck & hope it becomes a success :)
Thanks! It's my first go at a general discussion forum so there will probably be a lot of trial and error. 😅
Nice looking site. Wish you luck with the forum.

What’s your thoughts on the IPS price increase? Will it change your mind on what platform to run the site on?
Thank you! Yes, I don't like the price increase they've just announced. My license is active and paid for until next year. After that I'll evaluate and see what the pros and cons are.
It looks really clean and pleasing to the eye!
Very nice looking forum and I wish you much success with it!
Thanks! I'm still not completely satisfied with some parts of the design. But it's getting there slowly. :)


Up-and-Coming Sensation
I'm really liking the look so far! Nive work!


Up-and-Coming Sensation
I woke up this morning and felt the theme needed a refresh, so I made this:


It's not yet optimized for mobile devices, but please do let me know what you think about the desktop version. :)


Good luck! I had a heck of a time reviving Chatting Time 2 and a half years ago. We're getting there, of course, but general discussion is hard to work with in the 2020s. All I can say is be prepared to be committed and be prepared to pull out all the stops.