New Ownership on Forum Promotion


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Joshua Farrell said:
Geoffrey said:
Excellent. :)

(Apparently quote replies go at the top of the quote now...)
Nothing has changed to the way quotes are done, unless for some odd reason you are typing before hitting the quote button, or something else. :) Either Way. Looking forward to see what MasterA has to say.
I know. I was saying it's apparently a trend that people add their reply above the quote since a few people did it in this thread.


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Jan 26, 2008
Welcome to FP and Good Luck MasterA, I hope you bring the stability on the staff this forum desperately needs! :)


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Oct 30, 2014
M said:
The Mockingjay said:
Wow this is a bit hostile :)

I think it was a good way of answering the questions the question by asking what we as a community want and hopefully working to make our wishes happen.

I'd like to see a little more professionalism/organization when it comes to advertising and what not. I know it I good that anyone can join and basically advertise but it seems a bit messy and I wonder can the sections be better categorized somehow.

Geoffrey said:
MasterA said:
I do have a few things in mind but I think it's quite important to know what you and all the members want. So rather than what I will bring to the table, what do you want me to bring to the table?
Wow. This is such a crappy way of avoiding the question. Of course members want things, the forum is full of radical suggestions. Regardless of what they are, any admin or owner has a vision for the forum and what they want to focus on. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect you to share that vision with us.

Members may not get a direct say in the transfer of ownership, but in a way we do. Keep in mind if we as a community don't like what you do here, people will start to leave. You've clearly already made Nerdie happy but that's only part of what you have to do. Now you have to show us what you're going to do and that you're capable of being a good owner. I think part of the recent problems FP has had stems from Nerdie not doing that very thing when he bought the forum.

So, what's your vision for Forum Promotion?
How would you suggest better organizing the Promotion Directory? That's not something that has to wait for new ownership. The PD is something we've been discussing for a while now and we've even thought about reverting the system so we're open ears to see how you think it'd be best to make that section clean.

maybe separate the directory from the services section and make the directory as it's own section...

then you have options on keeping the same system of the directory with sub-forums or change the system... to what you may ask? well, there's a few options and ideas... one could be a one section, 3 or 4 forum type base system with one forum for just websites, one forum for just forums, one forum for just social media pages and perhaps one forum just blogs/others?

[Promote your page]
---[Website Promotion]
---[Forum Promotion]
---[Social Media Promotion]
---[Blog Promotion]

---[Posting Packages]
---etc. etc.


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Congrats and welcome MasterA, I am looking forward to seeing the changes you plan to bring to Forum Promotion. :)


Oct 25, 2014
This site's been sold AGAIN? Welcome MasterA and good luck, mate.


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Reigndeer Swag said:
Kindle said:
I don't care much for the forum, when I saw that giant user base; I joined right away -- I feel I've been fooled; what I was looking at was "who was here" not "who is online."
And you are saying this now why exactly?
Seriously, replies like this only start trouble. I find it appalling that everyone is already starting crap and MasterA hasn't been Owner for more than a day.



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May 22, 2011
Come on everyone, lets stay on topic. This isn't the place to post snide comments regarding the transfer.

Stick to welcoming and congratulating the new owner. If you have comments regarding the forum, please post them in the thread MasterA posted in the Community Matters forum.



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Jan 20, 2013
Thanks for all the welcomes. If anyone has any suggestions or questions for me, feel free to post in the community matters board and I am happy to answer any queries.