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I like the look of it. But that women just doesn't need to be there to greet the user. I can imagine a child going onto that site and next thing you know, the mum walks in and is like "TIMMY WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!". Bruh.


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The forum has it's own forum shop (kind of like what you can find here on FP). In the "forum mall", which is located in the "Unpleasant Back Yard" directly underneath the "off topic" section, you can go there to find things to spend your points on.


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Nov 9, 2015
I am a huge horror fan, and when i seen this , well the name of it, i was really excited to see someone make a forum dedicated to horror. Anyway i visited, even though it was on Forumotion. And as much as i like dark sites, the font is quite small, and very hard to read (for me anyway, but im old lol).. I know this is an older thread, but i wish you luck with your community.


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We've added a new section to the forum. Some of the members decided they wanted a section to be able to discuss entertainment outside of the horror genre. So I created a section just for that. It's kind of an off topic entertainment section. Enjoy!

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