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*Bump!* Some big changes arrived on Nucleus! After some consideration and some financial re-evaluating, we decided to move to Xenforo 2! We needed certain features that XF2 offered that would cost too much to be made for MyBB, thus we decided to move, plus we still had an active license just going to waste. However! now we have lots of neat new features and a HIGHLY customize-able theme for our users to make Nucleus feel a bit more of their 'own' and cater to their 'own' experiences.

Come check out the new updates!

Lots more to come! including further profile customizations, A stream system where users can link their, Mixer accounts and have their streams listed and even featured on Nucleus!
*Bump!* New update as of 8/15/18!

We now have a streams library. Are you a streamer on Howabout Perhaps you strream on youtube? Well if you stream your games on any of these 3 platforms you can now Submit your channel to our Streams Library!!

We now have profile covers so users can add a cover to their profile similar to facebook! but that's not all, you can also add covers to your threads to make them more eye-catching!

Read more about this update Here!.

Come check us out today!
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Aug 25, 2018
Is there any way I could help the forum? I would very much like to have something to do again. (I have run MC Servers, Some forums, ROBLOX Groups. Etc. I know a bit about managing stuff too. I would love to become staff.)
The best way to help Nucleus right now would be to post and create new threads and discussions, remain active and become a part of the community. Alternatively, you can put Nucleus in your signature on any forums you visit and help us grow through promotion that way.

Still being relatively small, there isn't any real need for any moderators at this time. :)
Nucleus now has a light theme for those that don't like darker themes or have visual problems with viewing dark pages for too long! :) Come check out Nucleus Light! We're still working out some of the kinks so bare with us!

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I really like your forum's theme. I'm a big fan of the two column layouts and background images for each board. My only suggestion would be to fix the background images as they are too dark. You can make them bright and they'll still work with the font colors and overall look and feel of the forum. Just my two cents. Looks good though.
It's starting to feel a bit Christmas-y at Nucleus! It's been snowing! forecast shows it'll be snowing until January!

Don't like the snow? it can be turned off in your "Customize" options. :) Come check out this update and a slew more at Nucleus!

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Big changes coming in 2019. Xenforo 2.1 is fastly approaching a stable release and with that offers lots of new features as well as some great additional tweaks we have planned for Nucleus. However, this is not possible until the release of XF 2.1 In the future you can look forward to Media Galleries, helpful resource tools for streamers, forum owners and gamers in general as well as a few other tidbits placed in the resource section as we see fit. In addition to that, there will be a lot of new and exciting features such as a more robust likes system, fully integrated Gamer Profiles which will pull data from Exophase, and display impressive gamerscore stats and the like, but also a better integration with streamers, along with your gamertags, users will also have their twitch and Mixer accounts linked to their Nucleus accounts to allow for better exposure which will help up and coming streamers. These are just some of the many features we have planned for 2019.

Nucleus has been growing steadily every week and we're very proud of our work! Haven't checked it out yet?

Now is the perfect time!

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Although this hadn't been stated here, the forum had now moved back to MyBB, over financial issues that the OP was lost in and before that, there was once a Jcink back-up. What's going to happen with that now, @Smokey? Are you going to be keeping the back-up if anything else happens again?
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Although this hadn't been stated here, the forum had now moved back to MyBB, over financial issues that the OP was lost in and before that, there was once a Jcink back-up. What's going to happen with that now, @Smokey? Are you going to be keeping the back-up if anything else happens again?
Yes, that's correct. I have talked to John from Jcink and he can actually convert MyBB databases to his platform, so if anything happens with the MyBB in terms of things getting messed up or breaking like it did in the past, we will simply grab the database and have it migrated over to Jcink. :) Either way, the data will remain safe and we lost nothing with the conversion from XF2 to MyBB. :) Nucleus should be fine in the state it is, but having Jcink has a backup safety net is always a plus. :)

I am currently trying to find someone to convert 2 themes for me to MyBB, but it's a matter of finding someone who will do these conversions for a suitable price.

Side note: Nucleus is nearly at 3,000 posts! :)
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*Bump!* New stuff happening at Nucleus! We've converted off MyBB to Jcink! We've also got 3 custom themes to choose from! :)

All accounts are still in tact, you have to use the Forgotten Password Link to change your password before you can log back into the forums.

We hope you enjoy the new system! We're quite happy with it! : )

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What made you guys switch? Also, is it set on purpose not to allow guests at all to read any topics?
There was a few reasons for that, and no, it's not supposed to be that way, I will take a look into this and sort this issue out, thanks for bringing that to my attention. :)
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