Official FP Quiz - New Contest!

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Welcome to the Official FP Quiz! Different questions will be asked, and whoever answers them first will receive a prize, which differs depending on the difficulty of the question.

  • The prize goes to the first person to answer the question, on this thread. The answers will be looked at by the dates.
  • Every user is only allowed to answer no more than two questions per day, to give a chance to everyone else to win. This number may change after determining the overall activity of the thread.
  • Please make your answer as clear as possible. It'd be nice to be able to understand your answer.
  • If you would like to suggest a question to be asked, please send Ghost a PM containing the question and the answer.

Thanks! Questions will be posted by Ghost, or anyone else who has volunteered to help by sending Ghost a PM.

Good luck! -:)-

Rules last updated :: 3/2/2009 by Ghost


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•Elochai• said:
You have 5 apples.
Correct! 50 Cash! -:)-

Question #2 (200 Cash, Hard) - Identify the next letter in the sequence. z, x, c, v, b, n, _?

Since this is a harder one, I'll give you a hint. Look down. ~wink~


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Havok said:
Took me a bit.
Nice! It follows the order of the last row of letters on the keyboard! Very nice job Havok! :)

Question #3 - Death's-head, large yellow underwing, tiger, and peppered are all types of which creature?


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Nice job! 30 Cash! :)

Question #5 - A little bit about FP's history. When FP first started, they had 3 templates, the default being Acid Tech. What were the other two?