Official "Mac vs. PC vs. [OS]" topic!

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Apr 15, 2016
I've been on Windows computers all my life until 2008 when I made the switch to an iMac and I've never been back on a Windows machine since :p I also have a Macbook Pro which is perfect!
Once you go Mac you never go back.
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PC is far more versatile than a Mac, that is if you are including Linux OS as part of the PC platform. Mac fits a certain market, but not a global audience, they often lack games and other options that people look for. That said, you can always build yourself a hackintosh, if for some reason you wanted to!

Generally speaking though, a PC is far easier to maintain and keep up to date, unless you buy a prebuilt system that is using
proprietary parts. If you don't know how to build a PC yourself, it might be best to get one custom made by various online PC builders. Replacing parts after that bit is then generally speaking, a simple process!


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The only reason I do not buy apple laptops is the performance for the price, they have beautiful displays and designs, granted, but I could purchase a windows laptop half the price with the same spec. I do not regret buying my Dell XPS 13 over a macbook, quite possibly the best-looking laptop of all time, in every way.

Oh and also I find Apples OS design to be quite outdated and not very appealing to the eye, Windows 10 is beautiful.
Windows is a terrific OS and it's the reason why I prefer a PC (personal computer) over a Mac (apple device). The market itself also dictates to the PC, in terms of gaming, apps, add-ons, programs, etc. Everything is just a lot smoother being installed or download onto a PC. It makes doing tasks and upgrading a lot easier.


Feb 12, 2018
Always been a Windows fan, still is but the other OS are for sure catching up and have their own niche for different kinds of people for different types of work.


I'm rather polarised in the subject because, as much as I am a proud Win7 user, I also have a fondness of Macs especially when I used them all the time at college, and they were cool (OS X Leopard will always be remembered, forever in my heart).

But if I should make a decision, I'll say PC... but more so when it can adopt the power of Linux :)
I use Linux all life long.
My first own PC in 1997 came with Debian Linux, then got Ubuntu in 2005, then I started to test many other distribution like CentOS, OpenSUSE, Arch, Fedora, Knoppix, Linux Mint, etc.
Now I'm on Manjaro at home, and Kubuntu at work.

I used macOS for a little while when I bought an iMac in 2009, and I used Windows when I entred middle school (hardest OS to operate when starting from 0).