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Shannon Apple

Jul 6, 2016
I've been a Mac user since 2003, and honestly, I wouldn't go back.

I've heard it all, the attacks from trolls who don't understand why someone would buy a more expensive computer with seemingly lower specs. Believe it or not, those lower specs work more efficiently on that mac than they would on a windows computer. It's just the way it is. I won't pretend to understand the mechanics. I'm a designer, so it was the reason for buying a mac in the first place. The university required it. I didn't want to buy one, but someone did say at the time that I'd probably never go back once I did. They were right. XD

One of the things I disliked about my previous Windows machines was the need for constant maintenance to keep it running at top speed. You get used to the convenience of never having to do all that defrag stuff ever again. You can just delete programs and not have to worry about how it'll effect the speed of your machine or how efficiently it's using it's resources.

I am not saying anyt hing bad against Windows computers at all. It's definitely a user preference thing. I did a software development course in 2017 and I asked the professor if I needed to buy a windows machine... and he was like "NO! We love macs. You'll see why when you start creating apps." He just said to stick with what I was comfortable with, that they didn't force students to stick with any particular OS, but to definitely bring my macbook pro along for the ride. Because of all the negative things people say, I assumed that a windows machine would be better for programming. In fact, it worked out quite the opposite, especially for working cross-platform.

The one downside is the smaller catalogue of games available for mac if you're a gamer. Of course, there are things like WINE (and possibly a future mac build of Proton) to circumvent this. The mac catalogue isn't tiny though, there are still quite a number available that run natively, no issues. On saying that, if a gamer asked me what they should buy purely for gaming, I'd be like "A GAMING WINDOWS PC." XD
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Jan 20, 2019
I have been a Windows user for my entire life, since Windows 95. It's the OS I was taught computer literacy on, it's the OS I learned how to design and code on, and it's my preferred OS for desktop computers and gaming. Of my four (soon to be five) computers, two of them are Windows machines.

That being said, I never liked macOS until these last few years. Throughout elementary, middle, and high school, most school computers were Macs. If anyone remembers those translucent blue iMacs from 1998+, they were in every classroom and computer lab until sometime in the mid-to-late 2000's. I hated that era of macOS; the interface was embossed and ugly, and difficult to navigate. Not to mention they were stupid expensive...

Then I bought a new 2014 MacBook Pro in 2015 to replace an old Windows laptop, and it changed my opinion of the OS. The interface is clean, and gestures on the touch pad make it really easy to use. Multiple desktops are also lovely to have. For web developers, it's much preferred for development over Windows. However, when I started my current job in September 2017, I was given a new 2016 MBP (with the touch bar) which behaves poorly in comparison to my personal, older MBP. The keyboard is faulty, and it randomly tries to shut itself down. (I leave terminal open running npm to prevent this.) Two weeks ago, I installed a small security update, and it restarted into the installation log (kernel panic) and had to be rebooted with safe mode. My coworkers have had similar issues. It seems about 25% of these machines are somehow faulty.

In summation: 2016 MBP = trash; 2014 MBP = fantastic

So while my personal opinion is that macOS is better for a laptop, I still prefer Windows for personal desktop computers, especially computers built for gaming. Apple, of course, does not distribute their OS for OEM, which means that it can't (legally) be installed on any machines other than what they manufacture themselves. Further, game developers and game distribution services (e.g., Steam) prefer Windows for DirectX and platform stability—not to mention customer base, leaving gaming on macOS effectively crippled. There's also the fact that by building my own computer (necessitating Windows), I can upgrade parts for a better gaming experience, and have a much more capable machine than I would with even the most powerful Mac.

Both operating systems are good, with pros and cons of their own depending on the user's needs and preferences.

Linux users are, however, complete psychopaths and I will never understand why they choose to hurt themselves that way.
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Shannon Apple

Jul 6, 2016
@ebbymac I agree with what you said about older Mac PCs being shit. I was using windows machines before I went to uni in 2003. They had those big pieces of junk in the computer labs, the translucent iMac. XD. They were nothing more than a giant paperweight where you would work for 5 minutes, save, crash, restart, repeat. They were AWFUL. In fact, the mac laptops of that time were 1000 times better.

The university replaced those with G4s when I was in 2nd year. They were a hell of a lot better. Still termperamental, but certainly better. In the 4th year of my degree, I was allocated 2 G5s for my workspace and those were awesome. First Mac PC that I actually liked.

On saying that, I still have a 2006 white body macbook and the thing still works. It never caused me any issues in the time I had it. The macbooks were awesome. Obviously it's dated, and the screen's gone a little yellow now. It was a replacement screen since the laptop got dropped, but it was no where near the quality of the original screen.

I bought my current macbook new in late 2014. It is a mid 2012 mmacbook pro. The retina ones are shite. I wanted a machine that I could customise and it was the reason that I opted for the 2012 one. They discontinued this model sometime in 2015, sadly. I feel like the new ones are designed to force you into buying a new computer when it no longer meets your needs. They glued all the components to the flippen motherboard, including the RAM.

Oh yeah, that does mean that I was using the 2006 one until 2014. I had beefed it up to it's maximum.

When I was in 4th year at uni, I was offered one of the G4s for free when they were replacing the common room/lab ones with G5s. One of my professors was like, you could rebuild it. I didn't accept. They were trash.


As for gaming on mac being crippled, I disagree. I have 100s of mac compatible game titles. The catalogue is smaller, but not devastatingly so. Many do a later mac and linux release. If anything, the amount of stuff getting released on platforms other than windows is rising.

Stack Overflow did a survey in the last year or two and Mac OSX was surprisingly extremely popular among developers. I did a postgrad in Software Development in the last couple of years and there were a fair number of macbooks in the classrooms. I'd say that's evidence of that shift.

I doubt it will overtake Windows or anything, but... more and more studios are going cross-platform and that means adopting OSX. Having said that, games that come out of Asia are all on windows only and rarely get a mac/linux release because that part of the world don't do macs. LOL.
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Nu Dragon

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I grew up mostly using a PC, but I have experiencing with a Mac as well. We had both in all my years of schooling (1993-2005), and while I am somewhat used to Macs, I still prefer PC's due to their more simple layouts and easier to navigate structure. I've always found Macs to be to gimmicky and pretentious in both design and practicality (much like most of their products).


Oct 19, 2019
As a gamer and grew up with pc, it is no doubt that pc is the best :p when it comes to OS i use windows just because i'm a gamer, linux is not up to the task when it comes to gaming yet, it is getting better, but not quite there yet.