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Old enough to remember Tazboards


Graphic Designer
Nov 9, 2015

This is really gonna show my age. but does anyone else remember WickedDownloads/Tazboards? It was one of the biggest Warez website/coummities there was back in the day for filesharing. I back in the early 2000s was very active with teh website, FXP of files, hosting my own FTP from my local machine etc. Right up until TAZ (the owner) shocked the entire community when he was arrested charged with aggravated child abuse and torture of his 9 year old son.

Here is a blog someone had put up after his (WickedTaz aka Randall Piercy). https://homesweethome.wordpress.com/2006/10/13/the-most-loving-person-that-i-know/

This is almost a lesson for those of us running websites. Don't let your online persona control your real life.