Solved On the Issue of Free Speech

Discussion in 'Solved Archive' started by Rick Ace, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Princess MeowsePad

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    I'm just going to throw out the fact that I believe that @Rick Ace is eminently qualified to be an administrator. While he may make some mistakes in the beginning, I'm sure he'll be a quick study.
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  2. Azareal

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    A good portion of those posts needed to be deleted, to be honest.
    Although, the entire topic didn't really need to be, once order was restored.

    I can somewhat see where they came from there, but it may have been a little overzealous.
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  3. Ajay

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    Time will tell. My early opinion isn't as great, since he's locked 4 of my topics today. :hilarious:
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  4. Van1lla ™

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    From someone who mostly ghosts this site and likes to compare this place to the good ole' days, (2007-2010 era) I like to think I take a perspective of this place as a new member somewhat, as only a few people are still here from when this place was created. So when I come back onto this site even from 12 hours+ off maybe longer and see what has been happening, it's a real put off. It seems very much like "forum wars" in here, people putting topics out repatedly after theres get locked for basic reasons.

    Also I think just creating a topic asking what everyone considers as "free speech" is crazy. Why would you ty and interpret what peoples idea of FP's idea of free speech is. Understandably, morality should dictate that attacking someone through free speech is wrong. No brainer. But to ask people how to approach topics in the future and how they are dealt with? You might as well put this sub forum on some sort of moderation que, allowing topics what you see fit to pass. It's sad really considering people used to just post in here about anything. Even if it didn't meet the "criteria" you're setting out for it.

    However I may be completely wrong and got the wrong end of the stick here though.
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  5. Rick Ace

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    It is definitely a real put off to see these "forum wars" go on. I, myself, have tried to avoid seeing posts on this forum in the past.

    The point of this topic isn't to interpret everyone's idea of free speech nor ask people how to approach topics in the future. Instead it servers as a central topics for all the "free speech" related disputes that result in spam around the forum. As always, suggestions will be taken and discussed when presented to us. Overall, this topic is meant to be closure for the "free speech" debates. By what many have told me, they're getting tired of seeing a few ruin the experience of all.
  6. Kaynil

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    I've missed the party so I just read the locked threads. There was something I wanted to type about in some of those topics but then it was realizing that d'oh, they were locked. :hilarious:

    The reasoning is no wrong. Staff want to keep the board on topic and organized. It is understandable. I can relate to wanting to the areas to be used in a specific manner. But as Staff, we have to understand that human communication doesn't tend to be that cut and clear and that sometimes one discussion will bring a different one and that people might find that branched topic more relevant at the time. We have to respect people's opinions and give them an opportunity.

    The pattern people have seen here lately like the staff rather act and no bother with actually reaching out to the members to see what is going on. No benefit of doubt or interest to actually solve issues, just apply quick moderation band-aids. One-liners in PMs from the administration, skipping steps and on deletion of posts minutes after, makes it look like a knee-jerk reaction. Technically, Staff can shield themselves and say they have been just doing their jobs however the way staff use the tools communicate a lot, whether it is intentional or not.

    Let's say there is a topic with a bad title that doesn't follow the rules for the area.
    • CASE A) The moderator locks the topic. Mod thinks it is so obvious so just locks it and moves on. Another similar thread pops up by the same author. The same moderator assumes the member is now being a jerk. Locks the topics. The member is confused and feels targetted.
    • CASE B) Moderator changes the title himself, lets the member know of the change and the reasoning. The topic wasn't sacrificed and the member has learned something they need to look for next time.
    The protocol is the same, but how the team goes into enforcing the rules speaks volumes on what concept they have the community and how friendly and caring the staff the feels. So now that we have more tools in forums than 15 years ago, you want to lean as much as possible towards making the community feel welcome. Xenforo allows even the copying of threads or posts so you can literally choose the posts for a thread. If you take the effort you can even duplicate posts related to whatever two aspects are being discussed. It is more effort than just pressing lock, but it communicates better than you care and are fine with the discussion going.

    The misunderstanding with the moderation that has been applied in the last few days, I think it could be that there is some idea in common on how to approach situations but no real protocol. Every staff member with moderation controls needs to know exactly how they are expected to react and being taught to always contact the affected member and communicate:
    1. what was wrong.
    2. What was the step taken.
    3. What is expected and what will happen from now on.

    Heck, make some examples for your staff that can help as a guideline. No matter who is dishing the moderation, professionalism and transparency should be the same. In their own wording and personality.
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  7. Joshua Farrell

    Joshua Farrell Administrator Administrator

    I'd like to mention that I have been having good confusion over things happening over the past week, due to a lot of the stuff taking place while I am away at work or in bed. I've mentioned in the moderation chat that we need to actually discuss stuff, because I have been having way too many "I don't understand what is going on, and why said action is taking place without even the slightest note till waaay after the fact?" moments. This is why I haven't been doing much in the discussions as of late.

    On my part, I am going to try to get moderation discussion items actually discussed, as I see them, so that I know what is going on, and to atleast try to get understanding of the various situations.

    I know Rick is trying to help get those discussions to actually take place, so I am hoping we will be more unified on decision making, and that everyone, regardless of being a regular member or a member of the staff, won't be put off by the discussions and decisions of both members and staff.
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  8. Ajay

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    I'd actually like to see your perspective on some of these posts. I was willing to give Rick a chance until he decided to go lock-crazy as soon as he was promoted.
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