Closed (PAID) Custom Xenforo Plugin


Jul 25, 2012
I'm looking for a fairly simple plugin developed that will read user field specified and apply that to a banner every 24 hours through a cron entry for whoever had the most posts that day.

An example of this is, the user field will say 468x60 image. The user is able to add their banner image in that section let's say imgur.whatever/url2938.png that user then has the most posts within the 24 hour mark, the plugin simply reads the image and places it in the banner at the top of the page (somewhere under the navigation so it shows up everywhere)

Price is negotiable and I'm willing to pay hourly. Please DM me or post your price below and I'll get into contact with you. I'd also be okay with working out a percentage based system as well if it's requested. If it's an hourly price please tell me how long you project the addon taking to be completed.

Image should give a better example of what I'm talking about.