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Closed Paid Posting


The Lämminator
I’ve not had any offers yet. Doesn’t anyone want to earn a few $$?

It could be that your expectation of 150 posts a week might be a little high for members who don't suffer from any of the issues listed on your site (you probably don't want posts only in entertainment and chitchat)?

Deleted member 25872

I’ve not had any offers yet. Doesn’t anyone want to earn a few $$?
I have sent you a private message. Just as @Lämmchen mentioned, it might be better if you lower the expectations and try looking through the Forum Blog Marketplace here in an attempt to hunt some paid posters.

Fiverr is also a good platform.


What are your requirements for the posts and threads? Are you willing to negotiate on the amount per week and pay per individual post or thread?


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Yeah posting is down at the moment, been a busy week for me.

I’ve had a couple of offers and am currently working with those individuals. If I need more or something changes, I’ll update this thread.