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My budget is minimum and currently i am using ElkArte (free software) for my forum. In a month or so i like to switch to Woltlab. So want some user experience, i used Xenforo and i feel that is not for me with their price and renewal cost.

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I can use it, but security patches and fixes won't be applicable without renewing the license.


Are there limitations to the types of software that you can run or install?


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I've had Woltlab Experience myself. Not sure if this will get to you since you're username is "Deleted"

But here is the main thing, Woltlab is German made. While it is popular in Europe it isn't the most common use software. The Community is sort of meh so you may get little no support with some addons. Though it is a nice platform to use because it's really niche and nice but in the overall User Experience it is not all that flattering. Woltlab is more used for internal businesses to communicate than a open forum. But that is just my opinion.


I know this thread hasn’t been touched in a hot minute, but I remember first seeing WoltLab back when they had their “Lite” free forum offering with limited features. I thought it was good, but then being primarily German focused left a huge gap when it came to support.

However the past year, with their free CMS (article system, page system, etc.) and their whole move to new features (gallery/blog/calendar/cloud solution), it boosted them to be seriously considered. Like any paid software, not many things are for free (styles/plug-ins), but their support speaks fluent English, their community also is pretty full of English speakers who are willing to help, and their documentation is extremely detailed (enough to where you could even dive in and make a plug-in yourself).

I’ve had a license with them for the past 2 years, but ever since early 2019 is when I have given them another shot and wasn’t let down for the price.