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Free Positive FX looking for a Co Founder


Feb 14, 2013
Mt. Everest
Hey guys,

I recently purchased a domain called positivefx.club. i am looking for someone to help sculpt and mold it to a pretty cool place for positive encouragement, and energy. What i am looking for is a Well rounded experienced person who wants to help promote positivity where the internet needs it. There is so much negativity around and i want to help change that direction.

What i am looking for.
  • A positive person with a positive outlook on the world
  • A experienced person with popular softwares, there front and back ends.
  • Creative and driven
  • Must be 18+
  • Have enough time to help me see this through

There is more to what i am looking for.

For more information please message me @lord sixer
Site link www.positivefx.club


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