Post Exchanges Guidelines

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A post exchange is when you agree to make a certain amount of posts on someone's forum, or a certain amount of comments on a blog, if they do the same on your site.

  • Do Your Part - If you agree to complete an exchange, be sure to complete it. Anyone that is found to have "scammed" other members will risk being banned from the exchange forum, and be issued an official warning from Staff.
  • Being Scammed - If you feel like you've been scammed, please fill out this form in its entirety. Be sure to include all applicable details and proof (screenshots are appreciated).
  • Receive Permission, then Complete - Responding to an exchange topic doesn't automatically begin the exchange. Make sure the thread starter gives you the green light to start before actually starting. If you complete an exchange without permission from the thread starter, Forum Promotion cannot ensure that your exchange will be completed. Staff will not get involved unless an agreement between both parties was reached.
  • 1 Topic per User - You are allowed one topic in Post and Affiliate Exchanges(not including subforums of said section). You may offer as many deals as you want in your thread by creating a new post in it, or by modifying the original post. If you would like to create a new topic, contact a Staff Member to close your current topic before creating a new one.
  • Negative Feedback - Although negative feedback is allowed, sales trashing is not. Please refrain from posting negative feedback in the exchange topic. If you had a negative experience with a user, please use our Trader Feedback system to rate the user.

If you have any questions pertaining to the Post and Affiliate Exchanges forum, please contact a Staff Member.
Not open for further replies.