Selling Posting Services


Apr 12, 2019
So in an attempt to bring in a little money to help my blog out, I'm going to be offering up my posting services. Prices and relevant information are outlined below.

  • A complete profile and introduction will be provided with all purchases.
  • All purchases should total to at least a dollar.
  • Payment should be via Paypal using the gift option. Due to my being a newer member, users may pay me after the package is complete, or before I've begun. It is up to you (this is likely to change).
  • I will try my best to make my posts free of grammar mistakes and actual contributions to the discussions at hand, but please be aware I am only human, and I can slip up.
  • I will take on no more than three orders at any given time, and all orders will be completed within 30 days unless otherwise specified.
  • I have the right to decline an order in this forum, however, I will never cancel in the middle of a project. That being said, understand I have a life and things come up. If something gets in the way of project completion, I will let you know.

Threads (0.20 cents per thread)
  • 5 threads - $1
  • 10 threads - $2
  • 15 threads - $3
Replies & Blog Comments (0.10 cents per reply)
  • 10 replies - $1
  • 20 replies - $2
  • 30 replies - $3

To order, use the form below. An updated queue will be kept so you can see how many orders I have.

What you want: