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Pro Wrestling on Atlantic Forums


We've just opened a new subforum: professional wrestling!

I admit that I know next to nothing about it, but my co-admin had been adding a lot of content of late, particularly now that AEW has signed some new talent...he's been re-energized about the whole topic!

You'll find Pro Wrestling under TV & Movies, along with the existing subforum of Internet Videos, for discussion on your favorite shows on YouTube and other services.


Community Team Member
Community Team
Best of luck on the new sub-forum! As long as it gets quality content it will go great for you!


Package Team Member
Package Team
It is definitely a rich discussion topic these days, with the WWE starting to falter and AEW getting a very stable viewer base, there is a lot for fans to be excited about. All the best with the new subforum, I'm sure it will go down very well!