Productive Online Business Advertising on a Monthly Budget? Akin to Robo Investing Platforms Exists?


Feb 22, 2021
Eastern US
The objective is simple I am looking to increase awareness of my online website hosting business so I may win myself clients and do have a budget able to be set aside for this.

However seeking as "managed" advertising usually have packages starting from anywhere from $50 to $300/month (based on what I heard in the past and searched myself) I am curious to understand if there more valued optimized options that isn't like "throwing crap on the wall hoping it will stick" though.

Are there such things as "robo ad networks" that alike to robo investing? Where you can start on lower monthly requirements that will take care through automation your ad deliveries to maximize your returns more productivity than "DIY" advertising might?

In short I am looking for platforms or such that doesn't carries the expenses of a "shared" advertising manager. But would still be overall more productive than hoping I do Adsense or what have you "correct enough" to not be blowing excessive amounts per converted client.

Before you says that advertising is not entirely cost optimized, I do understand and realize this but I feels I need other options. Aside from working on as a deaf and blind person my social interactions and growth to really take advantage of more cost efficient means like word of mouth.

Please do let me know and thank you all in advance.
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