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Promotion Directory Guidelines
(Rewritten by Quacker Jack and pandaa)

Welcome to the Promotion Directory! This is our way for you to advertise your site on Forum Promotion.

General Rules:
  • Unsuitable Content - If your site contains inappropriate content, you will not be able to promote it on Forum Promotion. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to: pirated or nulled software, hacking, torrents, blackhat SEO, pornography, "shock" images/videos, or any content that targets hate on the basis of race, religion, or belief group.
  • Commercial Products - Promotion of commercial products is not allowed, unless the product is related to owning or administering websites or forums. Web hosts, site themes and resources, software, and similar services are all allowed. Also, any forum, blog, or personal website can be promoted.
  • 1 Topic per Site - Users may only have one (1) topic per website. If you wish to make changes to your topic, please edit it instead of creating a new topic. Please note: you may only have multiple topics if they are completely different sites. This means if you have a forum and a blog under the same domain name you may not have multiple topics.
  • Bumping - You may bump your topic every twelve (12) hours. A "bump" is defined as a reply to your topic when you or another staff member of your site has the last reply to the topic already. It is okay to reply to feedback from other users, even if it has been less than 12 hours. You may not have others reply to your topic in order to evade the bump limitation. We suggest when you bump your topic, please post some relevant information about your website instead of just posting "Bump." Giving information will make users more interested in joining.
  • Stickies - Stickies are a great way to gain even more exposure by keeping your thread at the top of the promotion directory. If you would like to purchase a sticky, please follow this link to the Forum Promotion shop, where you can find more details!
  • Activity - As we are a big community, the promotion directory will sometimes often get cluttered with inactive and dead sites. Due to this, the promotion directory will show threads that are recent or active in the last 30 days. You are free to continue to bump your thread to keep it in the cycle :)

For more information on what is and is not allowed, please see the Acceptable Content Policy.
If you have any questions, contact a Community Team Member or an Administrator.
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The Senseless Blogger
Each category in The Promotion Directory now has a sub-forum called Offline Websites. If we find that you're website is no longer active, your Promotion Directory topic will be moved to this sub-forum.
If your website becomes active again after your topic was moved, just create a new topic for your site.

If you had a topic in the Technology & Business section that was moved and you'd like to access it, you may do so here.
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