Promotion Paradise


I would tell you to use HTTP/2, but it seems you're already using HTTP/2 o_O

Time to bring out the big guns. Instead of using Gzip compression, you could use Brotli compression which is faster and has a better compression ratio (although, it will have to be configured properly, the plugin for the server or Cloudflare should do that for you).


Also, this button looks very... Out of place to me.


Madly Diligent
Package Team
I love the idea of using "paradise" as an inspiration for the design and it does look great. I would remove the graphic above the forum though, it doesn't really add anything and just makes the page longer. While the FB stream is nice, it just makes the sidebar longer than the forum which isn't great either. Other than that, looks good. Good luck with the site :)


Feb 17, 2019
When I looked at the default forum theme, there was a very thin line between beautiful and childish. It is mostly on the good side though.


I'll add some more points to my sort of review.

I'm actually surprised that someone would use MyBB for this, I honestly expected when I first saw this thread that it would be the same-y boring-y feel of XenForo, mainly lightly themed, so that is a pleasant surprise right off the bat.

I don't really think I like the semi-transparent background behind the blocks, that seems very 2010 to me, but the theme does have a certain charm to it.

The postbits are novel, they remind me of systems like Aclmboard and it's siblings, although probably not customisable by users. There is one issues with it though, the text on-top is very close to the colour of the background, so it's hard to read. Better contrast would be nice.

You probably also want to replace some of the stock MyBB icons which I see every now and then for something with more of a personal touch.