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Site Info: I want to firstly welcome you to the Prophecies & Conspiracies board. This board is for all those who have a faith, and for those who don't have a faith. This board looks in depth into scriptural doctrines of the Bible, Bible Archeology, Bible History, Lost books and pretty much everything to do with religions all over the world, be them False prophets, and the Christian and Pagan movements everywhere.

We also look at Conspiracy Theories from all over the world, Governments, NASA, New World Oder, Illuminati and every aspect of the world we live in and how much of it is a lie. Are the Conspiracy Theories true? Or are the so called Governments truth they tell us all a lie? We look at all these and lots more. So come and check us out.

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This isn't exactly the type of niche of a community that I would see myself on, but I think you've got a cool dark style as your default style. I also noticed you have a ton of different style options, and it's always nice to have a variety. Anyways, best of luck with your forum!
There was a time when this sort of stuff was around, but i have it more for research and having everything in one place..