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PS5Forum - PlayStation 5 Forum

Carlos X

Site Name: PS5Forum - PlayStation 5 Forum
URL: https://ps5forum.com
Type: Forum
Site Info: I launched PS5Forum.com on October 8, 2019 - I've been sitting on this announcement for a while now. I've suspected about PS5 since whole 2 months before Sony announced first details of PlayStation 5, and about 8 months later, Sony announced that PlayStation 5 is the official name of their next generation console. PlayStation 5 will release Holiday 2020.

I transferred the entire PS4Forum files/database from PS4Forum.com to PS5Forum.com, so I have something to work with. All I gotta do is wait. Patiently wait.


Networking enthusiast
I’ve checked this community out using my mobile phone and it seems to function quite well. I look forward to seeing what discussions about the upcoming PlayStation 5 arise within the community.

Best of luck! :)