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$ PS5Forum/PS5Daily Mobile App Images

Carlos X

I've had a successful CODForums thread, but I'm back with another one, though for a different reason here. I already have logos for both sites. This is for the PWA Mobile App (for those of you unaware, xenforo released an update that allowed for PWA Mobile App.)

+ Mobile Icon must be 192x192
+ 2nd Mobile Icon must be 512x512
+ All images must be transparent (hence PNG is recommended.)
+ The font is "Nightjar Text Demi."

PS5Forum's current Metadata image is...

PS5Daily's current Metadata image is...

The old metadata was this, but I can't find the name of the font. I loved the font.

F.Y.I. Both images are in 200x200, PNG, and transparent. Any takers?
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Carlos X

What do you want to see ? Camouflage ?
Nonono. Consistent with above images. It's easier here.

CoD camos is separate, like this <---------------------------------------------> PS5 sites.

These sites are PlayStation 5 websites, so the logo should be EASY. Not hard. You see those logos I posted up there? Those. I'm only showing the 3rd one to show you what I was trying to go far.

I would do this myself, but Photoshop now requires a bunch of new files that needed to be added on top of the installation. I actually just bought the subscription, only to find out the dumb booshit.

Carlos X

Are you looking for something like this ?

View attachment 10130

View attachment 10131
You're getting close, I like the first 2 images because of the colors. I don't like the flatness of the 3rd image, so I did the logos myself, did the colors by pulling the exact colors from another logo. But the font....? You got it right. Only thing is, I like my logos better to give that vibrant, 3D feel. I accomplished it by putting shading and changed the orientation of the shades, added shadow (which is orange and blue respectively) and "stroke" (the outlines).

Oh, and 5 has a different design. Refer to the first 2 images.


S and 5 looked very similar. I had to draw those fonts. Because the font itself costs $19.

I accomplished it by putting shading and changed the orientation of the shades, added shadow (which is orange and blue respectively) and "stroke" (the outlines).

Nice to know. So this work is complete for you ?

Carlos X

This is the absolute closest thing to my images. Right here.

Move the orange gradient and make it diagonal. That's how my logos are. Same with the dark blue on the left. Also, the shadow you have here is cool, but when I spoke of shadows, I meant inside the font.

But yeah, this logo is fine. I will need the PSD so I can finish it another time. For now, though get PS5Forum/PS5Daily to have this logo.

I don't care about the other attempts so far.

Also, I forgot to mention, I DO have the original PSDs, just that they're rastered. I had someone else try this with my PSD, but didn't want to proceed because of said raster.
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