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Info Public Service Announcement: If you have xPress, DO NOT upgrade to XF2.1.5, yet.

Carlos X

Just a PSA/Public Service Announcement: If you have x/Press, wait before you upgrade to the latest version of xenForo 2.

xenForo Ltd just released xenForo 2.1.5, and a smaller update 2.1.5a today, but x/Press isn't playing nice with the new update...

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Carlos X

darn.. thanks for informing us..
No problem. However, I managed to fix it with my host, and if you are on 1.1.3 PL1, and you upgraded the xenForo software to v2.1.5, it causes the plugin to not play nice with the php modules. What my host ended up doing is turning on PHP-FPM. I also upgraded to PL2 to further along help the issue, but on a different website, it failed, too... So those are my solutions to the issue.
Haven't been following as much as I should. Has there been a fix to this issue yet?
Themehouse says they're aware of the issue, and they were surprised at how my host solved the problem because the errors had a lot to do with PHP's sodium library. I think cPanel removed them in an update, because originally, when I got the error, I was on PHP7.2. They suggested I upgrade to PHP7.2, I was like "What? THAT WAS PHP7.2!"