Reasonable Expectations for Starting Any Project


Seasoned Veteran
Starting a project of any sort may be difficult for some, and easier for others. However, you should have reasonable expectations and a proper plan no matter how much effort or time you intend to pour into a website, app, business, art, writing, or any other project. More importantly, you should always be okay with asking yourself, “is this worth it?” and not feel bad if you decide a project is not worth continuing. Keep reading to hear my morning thoughts (perhaps a ramble of sorts) on the importance of planning ahead, knowing when to quit, and the benefits of being aware of how you spend your time and energy.

I have started hundreds of projects throughout the years, whether it was a paper mache mask as a child or a full blown web software in 2020. That does not mean I finished each one, and that’s okay! The important part is to understand your goals with each project and make a plan that allows you to feel accomplished, or at least educated and more experienced from the...

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