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Jun 12, 2008
United States
Hey JoyFreak, a few thoughts for you.

I like the option to swap between a light and dark theme. I feel like the light theme is a bit too light, though. I've been using the dark theme and highly prefer it. It's just dark enough not to strain the eyes, but keep from being a 2010's dark black theme. I think that should be the default. Your sidebar keeps quick links handy, but I'm not sure how it pairs with the top news bar. You already have a News link on the sidebar.

The largest turnoff is the unfortunate byproduct of posting packages or quick posting. There are a lot of generic threads with no replies. There isn't a sense of engagement. It can come off as a bit daunting to new members who would come to help build the forum, scrolling through a graveyard-esque wall of threads. There aren't many remedies for this other than to find ways to get members to register and start replying. I would suggest laying off the quick posting for awhile, as many of these threads are all created within an hour of each other.

The forum has potential. Keep goin on it! :)
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