Review Please


Legendary Typer
Number of Members: 7/10 - Good member total so far.. could be much higher if you improve a few things but it is not bad...

Number of Active Members: 8/10 - Alot of members are active and you have a larger percentage of active members compared to alot of forums however you still have a few members who haven't posted...

Number of Posts (spam or otherwise): 7/10 - you have quite alot of posts BUT alot are spammish kind of posts like your most popular forum by a long way is the forum games forums then the second is the introductions forum. These are forum which don't have much value and considered as spam which can put people off. If you other sections are active with discussions or topics with more value then it will be more appealing.

Appearance (first impressions): 3/10 - This is the issue i have most with your forum... The banners at the bottom really need to be sorted. Get an affiliate box or scrolled or something that will tidy it up abit. It looks horrible how they are all on different lines on the left and all different sizes.

Layout: 5/10 - Looks OK but you need to sort out the layout of the affiliates as mentioned above.

Moderation: 9/10 - Looks well moderated and all are active although i don't know for sure how many admins/mods you have as you don't have a teams list etc.

Activity: 7/10 - Seems quite active... I have seen forums that are alot more active at this stage but i have also seen worse. It might be worth trying to get some of you old members active again.. Maybe try sending out a mass email.

Overall mark (out of 100): 70% It is good but the looks and the amount of spam posts lets it down massively.