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Review Service Closure


This is Water
Hey guys,

As you are all aware, we've struggled to provide an adequate review service for a number of years. We've faced numerous issues, and one of the excellent changes that was made in the last couple years was our implementation of the Community Feedback structure. Going forward, this is what we want to focus our attention on. How are we going to set up a system that is only community feedback driven, and then how will we provide incentives to these users who choose to take their time to provide feedback to each other?

With that being said, a lot of changes will need to be made. In order for us to get started on these changes, we are closing up our review service. Our Review Team will no longer be providing official website reviews. I still encourage you guys to utilize the community feedback option in this forum, and I hope to see plenty of feedback being exchanged. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.