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Discussion in 'Community Matters' started by Haze, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Haze

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    Hey all!

    As you may have noticed, our dear old Review service hasn't been that active of late! I'm looking into seeing what we can do to make this service get back up to speed and I want your help. I want to develop a service that encompasses what you guys actually want from a review here at ForumPromotion. Whether that means we move to something more based on giving you 'tips' as opposed to full-length reviews or whatever .

    I want you to tell me if you were to request a review from us, what would you want to get out of it and why?

    If you wouldn't request a review from us, why wouldn't you and how can we change that for you?

    Are you looking for large in-depth looks at specific areas of your site or are you wanting a brief overview of your entire site? Maybe you're looking for more tips on how to grow a specific area or resources to help further your site in the future? All these kind of things.

    All I ask is that you be honest and brutal. If you think something we do already in the Review Team is rubbish, tell me why so that we can look at fixing it and making it a review service fit for 2019.

    This post will be followed up by another collating all your ideas and ForumPromotion's on how myself and the admin team are looking to beef up the Review Service. I sincerely want this to be a service for you members so I look forward to reading all your feedback, bad or good, and getting the service back on track!

    If you want to PM me your feedback also, please feel free as my inbox is always open. If you have any questions, I'll be hanging around here to answer them. Can't wait to see what you lot come up with!
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  2. Grimalkin

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    I have sent you a PM, Haze. I hope it helps. :)
  3. Haze

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    Thank you Grimalkin - I've got it in the pile to have a look over!

    Anybody else fancy chipping in? :)
  4. Lucky!

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    Just wanted to jump in and remind everyone to provide feedback on the review service. We are looking to seeing what everyone has to say, even if it's bad!
  5. Bluezone777

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    I think the silence from the community is a message in of itself. Now the tough part would be recognizing the existence of that message and interpreting it correctly. I would interpret it as no one caring about the service or what happens to it which isn't a good sign.

    Personally, I don't think people get anything out of the service because it's flawed in how it operates. How much can a person do with a review from a single person? Most of what they will talk about is opinion and one person's opinion is not enough to make a sound judgment towards anything subjective.

    Take Rotten Tomatoes as an example and I will use the listing for Aqua man to illustrate my points.

    It currently sits at 64% based off a combined score of 316 official critic reviews and has a score of 79% community score which is based off of 26,085 people.

    I can look at this information and judge that this is a movie I am likely going to enjoy and would consider watching either on tape or at the movies. They even offer a consensus of the official critic reviews to summarize the gist of what they are saying about the movie. If I were to pluck a single review out and use that alone, I couldn't come to that conclusion because one person liking or not liking the movie doesn't really tell me much about how good or bad it is regardless if it is a official critic or random guy on the site. The site over time has proven it's value and its trustworthiness in providing good reviews because movie companies will slap a certified fresh stamp on the box of their movie if it gets one from RT.

    The point I am making is you can't build consensus just one or a handful of reviews which is what you really need in order to figure out what to do or not to do with your site so a single or a couple of reviews really isn't going to do anything for a website owner looking for what he is doing right or wrong with his or her site. Personally I don't even know if the service can be fixed or it simply can't be fixed and needs to go away.
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