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Question Review Team Reopened?

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Hi so I was just wondering if the Review Team are going to be reopened this year on FP or anytime soon and if they are looking for any more team members to join its team.

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It was a team that was time intensive when it was used, let alone the fact that it barely was actually used as a official service the last couple of years. Personally, if it ever gets resurrected, it should only be done if the use of the site actually goes up. I don't see it getting used as often as it should, until we have more people participating in both the official service, and user exchanged services.

One of the examples of a user exchanged service not being utilized, is the forum cash exchanges. Literally no one is going there to do exchanges, because of a couple of reasons. First, there aren't many active users. Second, there aren't many out of those that are doing exchanges. If members increase their own use of the exchanges forum, and encourage new members to do so also, retention of members will go up, because of use, and more people would be willing to try out the official services.

Really is an issue. If user to user exchanges aren't being done really on a daily basis in all user exchange boards like it used to be, then I doubt the review service (even in it's original form, being separate from user to user reviews), will be used either.


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The Review Team was always the struggle. It was great when you had a good team but it was hard to motivate people to work. People don't really like the reviewers opinions nowadays anyway. I remember re-writing the guidelines one time that took me over a couple of weeks with a team to perfect and people still weren't happy.


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I appreciate your interest. Unfortunately, the review service was officially brought to a close, and we have no plans of reintroducing it in the future. The service was rarely utilized by anyone in its last 2-3 years of existence, so that is one reason why we are no longer dedicating resources towards it.
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