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So we're happy to announce that in the middle of December, we will be adjusting our hosting in such a way that will ensure Revillution will remain online for the foreseeable future. Despite some recent health & financial issues that creeped up on me, we've got stuff in the works for Revillution and we're happy to announce Revillution isn't going anywhere, nor will it be changing platforms or anything along those lines. In fact, we have a few new features planned that we're hoping to implement throughout the course of 2020 and beyond!

If you haven't checked Revillution out recently, why not come stop by and take a peak? Our stream library has grown extensively and we're looking for more ways for streamers to utilize Revillution to help with their streaming and help them become a more successful content creator, regardless of platform they stream on. :)

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We'll also be trying our best to stay on top of gaming & tech news in 2020, and with that we'll be opening up staff posiiton opportunities for people that want to write for a gaming/tech site and would like to show off the content they can provide on a wider scale.
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