Rock/Metal fans only (see inside for exchange details.)


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I know I am limiting myself here but people complain that people aren't metalheads on a metal forum. I personally don't see the problem. But whatever.

If you like Rock, Metal, Punk and the like and fancy some posts on your forum/blog. I am up for some post exchanges.

Any type of exchange from 5 - 100. :great:


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Sorry I haven't got on these folks, I will for definite tomorrow. No spare time left tonight.

-- Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:03 pm -- said:
Would you be willing to do 3/3 with me ?
Can we say 5. I don't see the point in doing less than 5.<br /><br />-- Wed Sep 26, 2012 4:04 pm --<br /><br />
Naiwen said:
Fullmoon said:
Sorry Krusher. Affiliates are only for Metal sites and the odd mate site.

Naiwen, sounds good. I am away tomorrow but will get on it on Monday.
doth Avril Lavigne count as rock or not?
Depends on the song.

Interested in a 5/5?
I'll register now. Got to go out in 30 mins. But I'll be back on later to start.