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Site Name: Rpg-Unlimited
URL: http://rpg-unlimited.boards.net/
Category (Discussion, Hobby, Webmaster, Life): Hobby
Description: Welcome to our nation! 'RPG Unlimited’ is a long-standing active community offering role-playing and other various interests in entertainment since 2005! We have active campaigns including the popular 'Night Spire' fantasy saga, giant robot future story 'Euromecha', original samurai themed tale 'Sengoku-den', and even an anime free-for-all story 'Anime Affray'!
Extra info:We opened August 1, 2005, and have been active since! We recently had reboot/relaunch this past month, deleting hundreds of old/inactive accounts and giving the forum a much needed upgrade. While the remaining member count is minuscule, we are taking things in a different direction and regrowing things from the ground up, one step at a time!


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Jun 4, 2013
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Great to see sites that have lasted at least a decade. :D I'll join when I get the chance.

Nu Dragon

New Arrival
Made a lot of updates to the forum since the last update!

• Added two new boards: The Athenaeum | Literature & Article Storage and The Ethereal Union | Character Battlegrounds

• Redesigned the main page to reduce clutter and simply the board layouts.

• Properly renamed the forum as RPG Unlimited instead of The Ethereal Universe Unlimited.

• Fixed the Shoutbox to allow guests to post.

• Expanded the Shoutbox to allow direct commenting to member's posts.

• Fixed a bug that a white box would appear after members would make a post.

• Added numerous RPG Avatars for our role-play boards.

Let me know what you think of these changes!