Completed Ruby for Nucleus.

Site URL: (or
Package: Ruby
Total posts on your forum: 3446
Packager Preferences
: Teg, Vaulient, Daniel
Area Preferences: Anywhere is acceptable except in the Nucleus Funhouse category.
Would you like to upgrade all replies to threads?: Yes
Do you permit our packagers to promote Forum Promotion in their signatures on your forum? Yes
Extra Notes
: If you had an account on Nucleus previously, it's still there (or should be) but you will need to RESET YOUR PASSWORD using the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD form.


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Package Team

Your Ruby package is now in progress

Overall Progress
Threads: 16/24

Packagers working

Jason76 posting as "Jayson" (8/8 threads)
Jerlene posting as Jerlene (8/8 threads)
Vaulient posting aas Vaulient (8/8 threads)

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